Blanca de Lizaur, PhD, MA, BA, Content specialist.

Professional benchmarks

1985: Finalist, Telenovela Writers’ National Contest, organized by Televisa, Mexico. Awarded with telenovela scriptwriting courses in Televisa.

1986: Part of the pool of writers, of the humour-with-social-message ¡Qué nos pasa! national TV program, during the season in which it topped audience ratings.

1986-1989: Collaboration (different departments), Televisa: San Angel (TV production), New projects and Radio branches.

1992: “La literatura marginada: Visión de una forma cultural” (i. e. “Marginalized literature: Vision of a cultural construction”), in Oralidad y Escritura, Eugenia Revueltas and Herón Pérez Martínez, comps.; Zamora, El Colegio de Michoacán.

1994: Congreso de Diputados (Congress/House of Representatives, Mexico): Public Consultation in regards to Social Communicación Matters.

1995: “¿Esclavos de los ‘medios’?” (i. e. “Media slaves?”), in Etcétera #125; and “Respondiendo a las objeciones” (i. e. “Responding to objections”) in # 138.

1996: “La telenovela como literatura popular” (i. e. “Telenovela as popular literature”) in Ánthropos 166-167, Spain.

1997: “Telenovela”; in Encyclopaedia of Mexico, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers (also included in the abridged version: Concyse Encyclopaedia of Mexico, 2001).

1997: Woodrow Wilson Center (Smithsonian Institution Tower), Washington, D.C., United States of America. “Angels without wings” paper, at the Representing Mexico conference, co-sponsored by Yale University.

1998: “La telenovela como melodrama y su aprovechamiento pedagógico” (i.e. “Telenovelas as melodram, and their pedagogical uses”), TV program and book chapter in El uso pedagógico de la televisión, study reader for teachers and parents; Inst. Latinoamericano de la Comunicación Educativa (I.L.C.E.).

1999: “Cuando y por qué mueren los medios” (i.e. “When and why do media die”), in 1er Congreso Internacional A favor de lo mejor [en los medios de comunicación] (1st International Conf. on What is best in media), National Auditorium, Mexico –lecture, video, and printed proceedings.

2001: Public Consultation in regards to Gender and Equality Matters, co-sponsored by the Presidential Office and the Institute for Women (InMujer), Mexico.

2002: “Yo siento la verdad y tú la lees, por eso no nos podemos entender; la mentalidad oral, la alfabeta, y el conflicto de Chiapas” (i.e. “You trust papers, I trust people; that is whay we cannot come to terms. Orality, literacy, and the Chiapas conflict”) in Revista Digital Universitaria (RDU), UNAM.

2002 and 2003: Grant by the Mexican National Endowment for the Arts (Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, de México), for postgraduate studies abroad.

2002: Radio show Espacio Universitario, interview by Jaime Litvak King (r.i.p.), founder of the Inst. de Investigaciones Antropológicas (Anthropological Research Inst.); Radio Universidad, UNAM.

2002: Walter Ong, former MLA (Modern Language Assoc. of America) president (r.i.p.), Saint Louis University; visit.

2002: Stanford University, visiting scholar.

2003: Radio show Sintonía A.M.I.C., interview by Patricia Maldonado, PhD, and Vicente Castellanoso, PhD, then presidents of the Asoc. Mex. de Investigadores de la Comunicación (National Assoc. of Communication Research).

2004 to 2006: Cervantes Grant (sponsored by the University of Alcala and Grupo Santander), in the 400th anniversary of Don Quixote’s first printing.

1986-2011: Research in regards to what pleases media audiences and how media influence us, from which a new literary theory resulted, for popular-consumption works –PhD dissertation, summa cum laude.

2010: Attendance to courses and seminaries related to our field of study, organized by the ILLA (Language, Literature and Anthropology Institute), part of the CCHS (Human and Social Sciences Center) –both belonging to the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research of Spain).

2011: “The language of telenovela and popular literature in general”, International Conference, ALFAL (Latin American Linguistic and Philological Assoc.).

2011 to 2014: Attendance to the Forum on Cultural Industries (editions III through VI), organized by the Alternativas Foundation and the Santillana Foundation at the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid.

2011: Birth of this web:

2012: “The way our brain works and human expressión. Implications to Literature, Media and research”. Or: “…A few reasons for hope”, IV Conference for Young Researchers, University of Alcala (U.A.H.).