Blanca de Lizaur, PhD, MA, BA, Content specialist.

Vision and mission


25 years of research, allow us to establish that:

Understanding mainstream media,

as popular literature and culture,

grants them financial viability,

and commercial and social common sense;

and will solve two of the many grave issues affecting media in our days:

On the one hand, the astounding sales fall and dramatic financial situation most of them have been facing since long before the Digital Age,

and on the other their pervasive negative social influence

–which few creators dare to accept,

but which greatly reduces society’s trust, pleasure, and consumption.



To help media increase its attractiveness in a natural way –and therefore to increase their audience and sales, and improve their financial health,

to help audiences –including parents, teachers and students– to improve their media diet making it more intelligent, balanced, joyful and healthy,

and to mediate positively their mutual interdependence and influence,

thus helping society at large.