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By Blanca de Lizaur, PhD, MA, BA, Content specialist.


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For everybody

ARTICLES THAT INTEREST EVERYBODY (both creators and consumers)

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When we study colective aesthetics –like those modelling most popular and folk literatures, there is no way we can divorce the creator from his/her audience.

Mass media, just like folk tales, feed precisely from this rich catalogue of cultural elements we all own, as we explained in one of our articles (“A test about media…”).  And because of this, creators must redefine themselves as spokesperson of their audiences’ values, ideas and beliefs, identify with his/her readers/viewers/listeners, think the way they do, feel with them, and create for and with them.

That is why it becomes so difficult to separate those articles that may interest creators, from those that may interest their audiences.  And that is whay we have gatheres articles that interest both of them in this section: “For everybody” .

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have, and that soon you will start sending to us those you would like to find here.  As long as their reproduction is legal and relevant, we will do our best to make them fit.

‘Hope to hear from you soon!


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