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By Blanca de Lizaur, PhD, MA, BA, Content specialist.


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Redimensionador de tamaño de fuente

For audiences

FOR AUDIENCES WHO LONG TO HAVE FUN WITHOUT SUFFERING (including parents, teachers and all kinds of consumers)

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This web is the result of a seminal discovery, expressed by an uncountable number of impartial consumer and scientific studies:

  • That both because of personal and social reasons, the majority of us want and need  fun contents in media –that is:  to have an appropriate amount of fun,  in a way and amount that seems healthy to our plurisecular cultures.

That is why we will gather those of our articles that may interest consumers more, in the  “For audiences (parents, teachers…)”  section of this web.

We hope you will like them.  We also hope you will soon start sharing with us your experiences, projects, ideas and material –we’ll do our best to accomodate them here, as long as their reproduction is possible, relevant and legal.

Welcome home!  Better and more profitable media are possible, …if we all join forces.


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